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Adam Tart reviews Stuffed Sheets
Stuffed Sheets are the most thorough compilation of math I have ever seen in such a small and manageable format... more

Algebra Series - Concepts and Formulas
Sets of Numbers, Number Lines, Intervals and Absolute Value (ALG-CF2)
E-Sheets cover image Title: Sets of Numbers, Number Lines, Intervals and Absolute Value

This sheet provides a comprehensive review of all of the most important topics, concepts and formulas spanning the algebraic concepts of: sets of numbers, number lines, intervals and absolute value, explained in detail, with detailed illustrations. Unlike charts and notes, this Concepts and Formulas™ sheet anticipates and answers questions about how to use the concepts - how to solve problems with them, it doesn't just list facts and formulas.

Click here to download. (Guaranteed to be virus free.) Format: self-contained e-book 691 kB. Click here for registration (activation) information after purchase.

Topics Covered:

  • Subsets
  • Supersets
  • Intersection and Union
  • Closed sets
  • Number lines
  • How to determine the coordinates of points on a number line
  • How to graph numbers
  • The origin
  • Positive and Negative directions
  • Relative positions of real numbers on a number line
  • Weak and Strict inequalities
  • The relationship between Equalities and Inequalities
  • The properties of inequality of real numbers
  • Intervals and Interval notation
  • Bounded intervals
  • Open and Closed intervals
  • Half-open intervals
  • Unbounded intervals
  • Simple fractions
  • Decimal fractions
  • Terminating decimals
  • Recurring decimals
  • Perfect square rational numbers
  • Irrational numbers and radicals
  • Absolute value
  • Opposite numbers
  • The properties of absolute value
  • The equality properties of real numbers
  • The order properties of real numbers

This e-book can only be read on the computer on which it was registered. Each purchase grants the license for use on only one computer.

System requirements: Windows 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, NT, Me, XP or Vista; at least 256 MB of RAM (memory)

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E-Sheets $3.00
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