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Adam Tart reviews Stuffed Sheets
Stuffed Sheets are the most thorough compilation of math I have ever seen in such a small and manageable format... more

About Us

Way back in the mid 1970s, I owned and ran a small tutorial service in New York City, which came to be named: Math Advantage Educational Services . The company stayed pretty small but had one unheard of feature - it offered tutorial services in math, for elementary school through college level students, wherever they happened to live in town or could arrange to meet. By the late 1980s, I had moved to Atlanta and continued the service in the same way. There were a few of us running all around greater metro Atlanta and nearby towns in Georgia, and I asked each of the tutors to compile a notebook of common errors that their students made.

I had had a vision of a way to offer help to students on just exactly the kinds of problems that they had. I wanted to provide complete and detailed solutions, along with the relevant textbook material that supports them, making sure to emphasize potential stumbling blocks in solutions based on the most common of the common errors. Offering modular sets of text information and detailed solutions that anticipate difficulties, would be the next best thing to having a good tutor on standby...and a lot less expensive! I also knew that it would be important to keep everything as short and simple as possible, to prevent students' eyes from glazing over.

Calculus Cram Sheets (TM)The first attempt was a project that I called Cram Sheets, which consisted of 71 highly detailed solved problem sheets, covering the most popular topics from Calculus I and II, along with 7 Formulas and More Formulas sheets, containing a list of the essential formulas and a smattering of concepts, from Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry and Calculus. Cram Sheets were first published in 1992 (way back before the internet was prominent), and did pretty well, sold directly to students by the tutors and sold in some college bookstores on the east and west coasts.

Over time, I became dissatisfied that the Formulas and More Formulas sheets, which primarily consisting of formulas, did not provide enough informational depth, that I felt was necessary in support material for problems. I decided to create the StuffedSheets line of study guides, and to make Concepts and Formulas sheets, that comprehensively discuss all of the important concepts as well as the formulas, place the formulas in context, so that students can better understand when to use them, and are the backbone for each course. Believe me, it was a tough job condensing everything that is important in Pre Algebra, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra into a single 33-sheet (66 pages) set! It took nearly one and a half years, but our current Algebra customers, parents of students and I are very happy with the results.

Girl studying with Stuffed Sheets (TM)So far, comprehensive sets (covering everything important in the subject) of Concepts and Formulas sheets have been completed for Basic Math (7 sheets), Algebra (33 sheets), Trigonometry (9 sheets) and Analytic Geometry (6 sheets). The 5-sheet Curve Sketching Toolboxes set covers basic graphing facts, guidelines, formulas with tips on how to sketch curves generally, with specifics on polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. There is a two-sheet overview of high school Geometry and a 10-sheet survey of single-variable Calculus.

We are still hard at work on the new volume: How to Differentiate and Integrate with Minimal Pain – a comprehensive differentiation and integration techniques manual, which will be published soon. Applications of Differentiation and Integration, a manual that focuses on how to solve Calculus applications and word problems will complete the three-book Calculus primer set. Table of Derivatives and Integrals with Selected Special Functions, an extensive reference with nearly 1,700 entries in over 140 categories, is the third book in this series, but was published first in 2005.

We are excited to be taking our first steps into the fascinating new world of podcasting here at We are even more excited, and a little anxious, to be venturing into the brand new field of anicasting. We have managed to marry mathematics with Adobe Flash® animations and voice-overs, to produce exciting tutorials, which can be downloaded manually from our site or automatically by RSS feed. We will be producing anicasts for: Basic or Developmental Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre Calculus and Calculus, as well as many others by write-in request from students and teachers.

I hope that you enjoy and benefit greatly from your use of StuffedSheets products. I invite you to write to me if you ever have questions, comments or complaints.

John A. Kisseadoo, II

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