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Stuffed Sheets are the most thorough compilation of math I have ever seen in such a small and manageable format... more
  Analytic Geometry Series - Concepts and Formulas
Comprehensive Six-Sheet Set (ANG-CF1-6)
Concepts and Formulas (TM) sheet image

This six-sheet set provides a complete review of the most important topics, concepts and formulas in Analytic Geometry, explained in detail, with detailed illustrations.

Topics Covered:

Lengths, Segment Divisions, Areas and Circles (ANG-CF1):

  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • The converse of the Pythagorean theorem
  • The Distance formula
  • The Point of Division formula
  • The Midpoint formula
  • The distance from a point to a line
  • The area of a triangle
  • The general definitions of conic sections
  • Circles
  • Parts of a circle
  • The Center-Radius equation of a circle
  • The General equation of a circle
  • How to sketch the graph of a circle
  • Unit circles
Ellipses 1 (ANG-CF2):
  • Parts of an ellipse
  • The Standard form equation for an ellipse
  • Ellipses in standard position
  • How to sketch the graph of an ellipse
  • Equations of translated ellipses
Ellipses 2 and Hyperbolas 1 (ANG-CF3):
  • Equations of translated ellipses
  • Tangent and Normal line equations to an ellipse
  • Parts of a hyperbola
  • Standard form equation of a hyperbola
  • Hyperbolas in standard position
  • How to sketch the graph of a hyperbola
Hyperbolas 2 and Parabolas 1 (ANG-CF4):
  • Sketching hyperbolas
  • Tangent and Normal line equations to a hyperbola
  • Equations of translated hyperbolas
  • Parts of a parabola
Parabolas 2, Identification of Conic Sections and Rotation of Axes 1 (ANG-CF5):
  • Standard form equation of a parabola
  • How to sketch the graph of a parabola
  • Tangent line equations to a parabola
  • Equations of translated parabolas
  • Identification of conic sections
  • Rotations of the coordinate axes
Rotation of Axes 2, The Discriminant and Polar Representations (ANG-CF6):
  • Rotation of the coordinate axes
  • How to eliminate the cross term in the general equation of a conic section
  • The Discriminant
  • A unified description of conic sections
  • Conic sections in polar coordinates
  • Miscellaneous results
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