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Calculus Series - InSights E-Books
Table of Derivatives and Integrals with Selected Special Functions

Calculus Series e-book image Title: Table of Derivatives and Integrals with Selected Special Functions and reference This handy and easy-to-use Calculus reference lets you keep hundreds of the most important elementary through advanced results as close as your desktop - online or not!

New 3rd Edition with a 32-page preview! (Download to see inside)
How to Use This Table of Integrals (PDF, 34 kB)
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  Format: Self-contained animated-page e-book; 384 pages; 11.5 MB 
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Clean layout, linked Table of Contents and index let you find results fast
Thorough hyperlinked cross-referencing within the body of the tables, the glossary and index, that indicates where and how to apply the formulas
Detailed examples and how-to-use guides
Perfect for math, science and engineering courses
Nearly 1,700 formulas, tables and entries
The most extensive Calculus tables under $100

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Content Overview:

  • Table of Derivatives (49 entries)
    • Basic Derivative Properties
    • Derivatives of Algebraic functions
    • Derivatives of Trigonometric functions
    • Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric functions
    • Derivatives of Exponential functions
    • Derivatives of Logarithmic functions
    • Derivatives of Hyperbolic functions
  • Table of Integrals (1,216 entries)
    • How to Use a Table of Integrals
    • Basic Integral Properties
    • Basic Properties of Definite Integrals
    • Algebraic Integrals
    • Definite Integrals containing Algebraic functions
    • Trigonometric Integrals
    • Integrals consisting of products of Polynomial and Trigonometric functions
    • Integrands consisting of Inverse Trigonometric functions
    • Integrals consisting of products of Polynomial and Inverse Trigonometric functions
    • Definite Integrals containing Trigonometric functions
    • Hyperbolic Integrals
    • Integrands consisting of products of Polynomials and Hyperbolic functions
    • Integrands consisting of products of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic functions
    • Integrands consisting of Inverse Hyperbolic functions
    • Definite Integrals containing Hyperbolic functions
    • Exponential Integrals
    • Integrands containing products of Algebraic and Exponential functions
    • Integrands containing products of Trigonometric and Exponential functions
    • Integrands containing products of Algebraic, Trigonometric and Exponential functions
    • Integrands containing products of Logarithmic and Exponential functions
    • Definite Integrals containing Exponential functions
    • Logarithmic Integrals
    • Integrands containing products or quotients of Algebraic and Logarithmic functions
    • Definite Integrals containing Logarithmic functions
  • Power-Reduction Formula Tables (257 entries)
    • How to Use Reduction formulas
    • Algebraic Reduction formulas
    • Trigonometric Reduction formulas
    • Hyperbolic Reduction formulas
    • Exponential Reduction formulas
    • Logarithmic Reduction formulas
  • Integral Inequalities (3 entries)
  • Special Functions (149 entries)
    • The Gamma Function
      • Equivalent Forms
      • Properties
      • Associated Definite Integrals
      • Other Results
    • The Beta Function
      • Equivalent Forms
      • Properties
      • Associated Definite Integrals
      • Definite Integrals Related to both the Beta and Gamma Functions
      • Other Results
    • The Euler-Mascheroni Constant
      • Equivalent Forms
      • Euler-Mascheroni Constant-Gamma Function Connections
    • Bernoulli Numbers
      • Alternate Definitions
      • Some Bernoulli Numbers
      • Properties
      • Series Representations
      • Asymptotic Representation
    • Euler Numbers
      • Alternate Definitions
      • Some Euler Numbers
      • Properties
      • Series Representation
      • Relationship between Bernoulli and Euler Numbers
    • The Polylogarithm Function
      • Properties
    • The Error and Complementary Error Functions
      • Equivalent Forms
      • Properties
      • Asymptotic Representations
    • The Exponential Integral
      • Equivalent Forms
      • Properties
      • Asymptotic Representation
    • The Factorial Function
      • Properties
    • Links to Table entries that refer to Special Functions
  • Glossary
  • Improper Integral and Infinite Series Tests, Theorems

This e-book can only be read on the computer on which it was registered. Each purchase grants the license for use on only one computer.

System requirements: Windows 95-8.1; at least 256MB of RAM (memory)

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