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Adam Tart reviews Stuffed Sheets
Stuffed Sheets are the most thorough compilation of math I have ever seen in such a small and manageable format... more

InSights Mathematics E-Books

The InSights Mathematics Enrichment Series of electronic books, or "e-books" for short, provide an "exploded view" of essential topics. Selected topics are basic ones, but often considered difficult to understand and apply by the average student. Explorations of concepts are made in a way that lets students "step into" the scenario and use common sense. Examples are solved with no step left out and include links to explanatory notes.


Basic Mathematics

This series was written for adult students to provide a deeper understanding and a broader perspective of specific topics. The first six e-books in the set were written for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of Basic Math. Many of the techniques covered, focus on different ways of viewing problems that will let you make quicker work of tedious calculations. Mastery of these crucial skills by everyone would be ideal, but it is essential for parents with school-age children, home schooling parents and adults returning to school and taking Developmental Mathematics courses. The Brain Teasers puzzle book, based on Mensa and new SAT-style problems was written for anyone who would like to test and strengthen their grasp of Basic Mathematics concepts and ability to think "outside of the box."

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    The Decimal System
    Prime and Composite Numbers
(BMS-EB2) $4.95
    Addition Tactics
(BMS-EB3) $4.95
(BMS-EB4) $4.95
(BMS-EB5) $4.95
    Ratios, Proportions and Rates
(BMS-EB6) $4.95
    Set of all six e-books
(BMS-EB-1-6) $25.95
Brain Teasers
(BMS-EB-P1) $9.95

Desktop Math Reference

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Table of Derivatives and Integrals
with Selected Special Functions

(CLS-EB-R3) $19.95
The Periodic Table - What it means & How to use it to solve problems (CHM-EB1) $6.95
There are no shipping charges for downloaded e-books.
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