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  Algebra Series - Concepts and Formulas Sheets
College Algebra 31-Pack (ALG-CF9-33+ANG-CF1-6)
Pack price:
Individually purchased: $119.69
Concept and Formulas (TM) sheet image

This thirty-one-sheet set covers all of the Algebra and Analytic Geometry topics, concepts and formulas that are typically covered by College Algebra courses.
  Included Sheets:

Algebra Series:
  • (ALG-CF9) Graphing Fundamentals 1 - Relations and Functions, Function Tests
  • (ALG-CF10) Graphing Fundamentals 2 - Symmetries, Intercepts, Zeros and Slopes
  • (ALG-CF11) Graphing Fundamentals 3 - Maxima and Minima, Lines and Translations
  • (ALG-CF12) Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables 1
  • (ALG-CF13) Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two and Three Variables
  • (ALG-CF14) Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables
  • (ALG-CF15) Partial Fraction Decompositions
  • (ALG-CF16) Matrix Fundamentals, Basic Operations on Matrices
  • (ALG-CF17) Types of Matrices, Matrix Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations
  • (ALG-CF18) Inverse Matrices, Matrix Equations, Fundamentals of Determinants
  • (ALG-CF19) Determinant Solutions of Linear Systems, Applications of Determinants
  • (ALG-CF20) Fundamental Properties and Operations on Complex Numbers
  • (ALG-CF21) Graphical Interpretation of Complex Numbers, Calculations of Roots
  • (ALG-CF22) Quadratic Functions, Techniques for Solutions of Quadratic Equations
  • (ALG-CF23) The Discriminant, Quadratic Inequalities and Rational Inequalities
  • (ALG-CF24) Polynomial Functions and Equations
  • (ALG-CF25) Real Solutions of Polynomial Equations
  • (ALG-CF26) Approximations of Real Polynomial Roots, Rational Functions 1
  • (ALG-CF27) Rational Functions 2 - Types of Rational Functions
  • (ALG-CF28) Rational Functions 3 and Variations
  • (ALG-CF29) Inverse and Radical Functions, Exponential Functions 1
  • (ALG-CF30) Exponential Functions 2, Logarithmic Functions
  • (ALG-CF31) Nonlinear Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • (ALG-CF32) Sequences and Series 1
  • (ALG-CF33) Series 2 - The Binomial Theorem, Mathematical Induction
Analytic Geometry Series:
  • (ANG-CF1) Lengths, Segment Divisions, Areas and Circles
  • (ANG-CF2) Ellipses 1
  • (ANG-CF3) Ellipses 2 and Hyperbolas 1
  • (ANG-CF4) Hyperbolas 2 and Parabolas 1
  • (ANG-CF5) Parabolas 2, Identification of Conic Sections and Rotation of Axes 1
  • (ANG-CF6) Rotation of Axes 2, The Discriminant and Polar Representations
Details on individual Algebra and Analytic Geometry sheets in the set. Click here, for other sets containing Algebra and Analytic Geometry sheets.

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