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Adam Tart reviews Stuffed Sheets
Stuffed Sheets are the most thorough compilation of math I have ever seen in such a small and manageable format... more

Algebra Series - Concepts and Formulas
Inverse Matrices, Matrix Equations, Fundamentals of Determinants (ALG-CF18)
E-Sheets cover image Title: Inverse Matrices, Matrix Equations, Fundamentals of Determinants

This sheet provides a comprehensive review of all of the most important topics, concepts and formulas fully covering inverse matrices, matrix equations and the fundamentals of determinants, explained in detail, with detailed illustrations. Unlike charts and notes, this Concepts and Formulas sheet anticipates and answers questions about how to use the concepts - how to solve problems with them, it doesn't just list facts and formulas..

Click here to download. (Guaranteed to be virus free.) Format: self-contained e-book 599 kB. Click here for registration (activation) information after purchase.

Topics Covered:

  • How to find the inverse of a square matrix using a grafted matrix
  • Properties of inverse matrices
  • The uniqueness of inverse matrices
  • The zero product property for matrices
  • The inverse of a transposed matrix
  • Matrix equations
  • How to solve systems of linear equations using matrix equations
  • The determinant function
  • Determinants of order n
  • How to evaluate determinants
  • How to determine the value of a determinant
  • The minors of a determinant
  • The expansion of a determinant along a specific row or column
  • Cofactors
  • Cofactor expansion of determinants

This e-book can only be read on the computer on which it was registered. Each purchase grants the license for use on only one computer.

System requirements: Windows 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, NT, Me, XP or Vista; at least 256 MB of RAM (memory)

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E-Sheets $3.00
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