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Math Solutions for Cash Guidelines

Initial Registration

  • Send an e-mail to, with your full name, country of residence and the address that you will use for PayPal payments (see next). In the header of your e-mail, indicate: Application - Solutions for Cash
  • To receive payment for solutions, you must have access to your own PayPal account.
  • Before acceptance as a regular problem solver, you must complete one (1) sample set of two problems, according to the guidelines below. The purpose of the sample set is to ensure that you can submit solutions according to our guidelines. If your sample solutions are accepted, you will be notified, then you may begin checking out problem sets.

Sample 1 (88 kB) | Sample 2 (90 kB) | Sample 3 (89 kB) | Sample 4 (86 kB) | Sample 5 (87 kB) | Sample 6 (87 kB)
(These samples are in PDF format, download the free Acrobat Reader here)

Checking Out Problem Sets

  • The "check out" process is your notification to us of intent to solve and submit solutions for a particular set of problems.
  • To check out a set of problems to solve, you must e-mail us with your full name and unique problem set code.
  • If you do not officially complete the check out process for a set of problems, your solutions may not be accepted. If another person has properly completed the check out process for the same set of problems and submits solutions, their solutions will be considered first for payment - even if their solutions arrive after your own.
  • Once you check out a set of problems, your solutions must be submitted to us within forty-eight (48) hours of the time stamp on your check out e-mail. If solutions are not received within the forty-eight hour window, that set will be placed back into the work pile within twelve (12) hours and will become eligible for check out by someone else.
  • You may check out only one set of problems at a time.
  • Each problem set has a unique identification code which links to a PDF file containing the problems.
  • Next to the unique identification code for each problem set is its payment value, in US dollars.

Solution Guidelines and Checking In

  • Each problem set has a unique identification code, please keep all problem solutions together in their set, and clearly label the set solutions with their code.
  • Each problem must be completely worked out, with all details – assume nothing. Try to anticipate the questions and difficulties of the reader. If there is a question of whether to include or omit a particular detail, generally opt to include all of the details.
  • Show all of your work in checking solutions. For example, if you are solving integrals, differentiate your solution. When solving definite integrals, show that your antiderivative solution is correct before applying limits.
  • All concepts used within the various steps of a problem must be indicated on a separate “call out” sheet. For example, if a step uses a common technique, procedure or algorithm from a different course, or earlier in the same course, such as Completing the Square or polynomial division, indicate that use on the “call out” sheet).
  • Many problems can be solved by more than one method. Make sure to solve each problem according to the category in which it is grouped.
  • Unless otherwise stated, present solutions in most simplified form.
  • All text and illustrations submitted must be completely legible, but it is not a requirement that submissions be typed.
  • Do not use abbreviations.
  • Submissions accepted by e-mail only.
  • No payments will be made for partially completed sets.
  • Once your solution set has been received and is complete, correct and accepted, it is considered "checked in."

Payment for Solutions

  • All of the guidelines listed above must be strictly followed, or payment may be denied, or delayed until after resolution of any problem(s).
  • Once solutions are checked in - accepted, payment will be made to the registered PayPal account within five business days.

If you have any questions, contact us at


By checking this box and clicking on the I Accept button, you agree that you have read, understand and accept the commission guidelines for participation in this program.

(If you have any problems accessing the problem categories page, contact us at

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